Monday, March 31, 2014

WeDo experiment with motor start, stop, sound, dice

Here is a little experiment with the Lego WeDo robotic set using the Start block, Motor this way block, Sound block, Motor stop block with the number block controlling the sound.
WeDo Start Motor start Sound Motor stop number
Try changing the number and observing what happens. You will notice that the motor turns for as long as the sound is playing, then stop. Try replacing the number block with the dice (random) block.
WeDo Start Motor start Sound Motor stop dice
Also try clicking on the Motor this way block. Notice that the block then change to Motor that way block, the direction changed. Here is a motor of a simple setup just to show how the motor is turning. Motor connected to hub, hub plugged into computer USB port:
LEGO WeDo Junior Robotic motor demo

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