Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to label and control separately 2 or more Wedo motors

We can connect 2 or more Lego Wedo motors to the USB hub and run a program to move the motors such as the first program shown in the screenshot below:

2 labeled Lego WeDo motor and timing blocks
2 labeled Lego WeDo motor and timing blocks

If you run the first program, both motors will rotate this way (clockwise) for 3 seconds, then both will rotate that way (anticlockwise) for anotehr 3 seconds

If you want them to run separately, you need to label both the motor blocks as well as the timing block with different labels as shown in program 2 above. To label the first motor block with 1 button, shift+click on the motor block once, likewise for the timing block. Then shift-click twice on the second motor block to label it with 2 buttons, likewise for the second timing block.

Labeled photo: 2 labeled motors connected to Wedo USB Hub
Labeled photo: 2 labeled motors connected to Wedo USB Hub

Then connect Motor 1 to USB hub left side (see photo below) and Motor 2 to the right side of the hub. Motor connected to the left side of the hub will be Motor 1 while motor connected to the right will be motor 2

With the motor blocks and timing blocks thus labelled, run the program now. You will notice that this time the first motor will rotate 3 seconds, then the second motor will rotate anticlockwise for another 3 seconds.

Look at the video below to see how it is done and to better understand.

If you want to control more than 2 motors, you will need at least 2 USB hub. But the labeling is the same, shift+click once on the programming block for 1 button, shift+click twice for 2 buttons, shift+click 3 times for 3 buttons


  1. hi is this wedo software or you are using different software to do it

    1. because i couldn't see the option what you've mentioned


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