Friday, March 13, 2015

Hispabrick magazine: Introduction to robotics with WeDo

The first WeDo related article in Hispabrick Magazine Volume 016 is titled "An introduction to robotics for the youth with LEGO WeDo" by Diego Galvez It starts with a comparison of WeDo with Mindstorms:

Mindstorms 9797 WeDo
437 pieces 158 pieces
3 motors 1 motor
5 sensors 2 sensors (3 plus computer mike)
1 controller 1 hub

Note that while it is correct to say that the WeDo set has only 2 sensors, actually it can be consider to have 3 with the third one being the computer microphone which can be used as a sound sensor as explained in Sound controlled WeDo motor.

Diego says that WeDo is easier to use plus allows development complex prototypes including a line follower (see video) so it should not be considered as only for kids.

After describing the components (USB hub, motor, tilt sensor, distance sensor, lights (bought separately), the article goes on to describe how the development of prototype can proceed from
Design > Build > Program > Test > Document and share

Video: Line following robot with LEGO WeDo

Download Hispabrick Magazine Vol. 016

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