Sunday, October 8, 2017

EV3 Robot models for education - Educator Rover and Riley Rover

The programming blocks for the EV3 to move the motors uses instructions to turn the motor according to
(a) how many turns the motor rotates
(b) how many degrees the motor moves

However when a rover model with 2 wheels are constructed, whether the rover moves forward, turn right or left and the amount it moves forward or turn would be different from what you input in the blocks. To learn, we have to construct an actual rover to experiment how the rover moves when we program it differently.

Mindstorms EV3 Educator Rover

There are 3 rover models you can construct, one proposed by LEGO (Educator Rover) and one proposed by Damien Kee (Riley Rover) the links given below:

LEGO Educator Rover

Damien Kee's Riley Rover for EV3.

Update: Acknowledgement to Damien Kee: The robust and relatively quick to build Riley Rover was designed by Damien Kee but wasn't called "Damien Rover". Instead it was named Riley Rover as Riley is the name of his eldest son. So now you know where Riley Rover got its name!

Mamien Kee's Quick Build Rover for NXT

Friday, October 6, 2017

Selangor Interschool Robotic competition at SRJK (C) Puay Chai 2

Held in SRJK (C) Puay Chai 2 at Bandar Utama.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Week 1: Teaching with robots (Part 1: Introduction)

This is a summary/transcript of Prof. Jennifer Kay's video course Week 1: Teaching with robots (Part 1: Introduction):

In this video you will hear about Jennifer Kay's motivation for promoting teaching with robots in schools and Introduction to
Associate Prof. Janet Moss - Rowan University
Rufus Wright - Technology Coordinatior West Avenue School
Nick Handley - Sixth Grade STEM teacher Hartford School
Melissa Quin - Eight Grade Math Pemberton

ROBOTS FOR EDUCATION (Part 2: Why We Teach LEGO Robotics and an Introduction to Other Educational Robots)

Why LEGO Mindstorms robots

1. popular in schools
2. FLL (First LEGO League) competitions motivates and encourage students
3. WRO (World Robotics Olympiad) competitions open to wider range of ages even up to universities)
4. Robo Cup Junior - primary school to age 19, not exclusive to LEGO but many uses LEGO
5. School clubs
6. Uses Graphical Languages which uses drag and drop programming blocks
7. Other robots (not included in course but links to them can be found in the Resources section

Week 1 - ROBOTS FOR EDUCATION: (Part 1: LEGO Mindstorms Robots)

This is a quick transcript of Prof. Jennifer Kay's video course on Week 1 - ROBOTS FOR EDUCATION: (Part 1: LEGO Mindstorms Robots):

LEGO's robots
1st robot - RCX
2nd robot - NXT (no longer for sale but very similar to EV3 and can still be used)
3rd robot - EV3 (course assume you are using EV3 Educational or Home version)

Week 1 - INTRODUCTION (Part 3: Additional Support)

Prof. Jennifer's video course on Week 1 - INTRODUCTION (Part 3: Additional Support)

Below is a very brief summary:

    Course forum - Q & A
    One-on-one tutoring

The above seem to be meant more for the initial or initial few batches of participants as I could not find any link to the course forum, tutoring or surveys. The only one I found was for Resources

Week 1: INTRODUCTION (Part 2: Course Structure)

Prof. Jennifer Kay's video lesson on Week 1: INTRODUCTION (Part 2: Course Structure)

Below is a quick summary

Course Structure:
Week 1: Introduction to robots, hardware, software
Week 2: Setting up
Week 3: Picture, sound, motion
Week 4: Looping, waiting, switching
Week 5: Robot Educator, data logging and more
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