Beginner Lessons

Below are links to summaries of Prof. Jennifer Kay's Beginners video courses for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 which I found to be time consuming to watch. I did the summaries to better remember what is taught as well as for revision. I hope these summaries will be useful too for past participants for revision purposes.

Summaries of videos listed in order. Link set to open in same new page. Return here and click the next link for the next lesson which will then open in the same new page.

Educational Robots for Absolute Beginners – EV3 Edition (Welcome)
Week 1: Introduction to robots, hardware, software
Week 2: Setting up
Week 3: Pictures, sounds, movemements
Week 4: Looping, waiting, switching
Week 5: Robot Educator, Data logging and more

Week 1

Week 1 - Introduction to Educational Robotics (No Robot Required!!)
Week 1 - INTRODUCTION (Part 2: Course Structure)
Week 1 - INTRODUCTION (Part 3: Additional Support)
Week 1 - ROBOTS FOR EDUCATION: (Part 1: LEGO Mindstorms Robots)
ROBOTS FOR EDUCATION (Part 2: Why We Teach LEGO Robotics and an Introduction to Other Educational Robots)
Week 1: Teaching with robots (Part 1: Introduction)

Lesson 1: EV3 Buttons overview
Lesson 2: Turning EV3 brick of
Lesson 3: More about EV3 brick
Lesson 4: EV3 files and folders
Lesson 5: EV3 brick settings
Lesson 6: Your first program, Introduction
Lesson 7: Your first program, starting software
Lesson 8: Your first program: A good program
Lesson 9: "Good morning" program
Lesson 10: Opening and saving program
Lesson 11: Opening additional programs and saving projects
Lesson 12: Sleepy goodnight program: a program containing display and sound blocks
Lesson 13: Programs save in your computer and programs saved in EV3 brick
Lesson 14: Dancing robots

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