Thursday, October 9, 2014

Key activated multiple Lego Wedo programs

Lego Wedo models need not be complicated in order to learn how to use those Wedo programing blocks. It may just be the WeDo motor fitted with a "propeller" just to show the direction with the motor is turning like what is shown below:

Simple model to learn how Lego Wedo programming

The start block can be activated by mouse clicks or by pressing keyboard keys. Below show 2 WeDo programs activated by up or down key presses on screen simultaneously:

Pressing the UP key will turn the motor this way, pressing the down arrow will turn the motor the other way.

You can also put 4 programs on the screen at the same time using different keys to activate different programs:

4 Lego Wedo robotic programs on computer screen at the same time, activated by different keys

By pressing different keys, you will activate different programs. Try pressing keys A, then B, then C, then D and observe what happens

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