Friday, June 26, 2015

Robots can help children with Autism

Researchers have found that children with autism can be helped interacting with real robots.

As described in The Guardian: How robots are helping children with autism:

Anthony Arceri is seven and has autism. His clothes are covered in sensors, and he is standing in front of Zeno, a smiling, 2ft-tall robot. “What is your favourite food?” Zeno asks Anthony. “Chocolate milk and french fries.” “I love chocolate milk,” Zeno replies. The robot raises its arm, and Anthony copies. Zeno rubs his stomach, and so does Anthony.

It looks like fun – and for Anthony, it is. But researchers believe the interaction between Anthony and the robot also holds the key to early diagnosis and treatment of autism. Zeno is the result of a collaboration between Dr Dan Popa at the University of Texas at Arlington, Hanson RoboKind, Dallas Autism Treatment Centre, Texas Instruments and National Instruments – and is the brainchild of Hanson Robot owner and former Disney imagineer David Hanson. Read more at How robots are helping children with autism

Some videos:

Humanoid robot "Russell" engages children with autism

Robot Helps Kids with Autism Communicate

Interactive Robot Helps Children with Autism

Robots help in fight against autism

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