Thursday, March 19, 2015

Build car chassis from scratch II

There was an earlier post about Building motorcar from scratch but it uses big wheels not included in the LEGO WeDo Basic set and the LEGO Resource set. Further, because of the choice of gears plus the big wheels, the car runs too fast. Even though I later changed the gearing to make car move slower, a new design is in order.

So I guided one of my grandson to build a chasis so that he can command "Jalan" (Malay word for move) to make the car move by making motor . And by taking apart the car and taking photos along the way, the photos in sequence can act as building instruction:

Step 1: base
build LEGO car chassis base from scratch

Step 2: Add motor and 9 tooth spur gearte
build LEGO car chassis from scratch 2 add motor

Step 3: Add frame, crown gear and axles
build LEGO car chassis from scratch add frame

Step 4: Add wheels
building LEGO car chassis from scratch final step, add wheels

With this small spur gear turns bigger crown gear which then rotates small wheels, the car runs sufficiently slow and is preferably for making that sound controld motorcar.

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