Saturday, March 14, 2015

Demo: computer microphone as sound sensor for LEGO Wedo

Does LEGO WeDo 9580 really have a sound sensor? Yes and no. The LEGO WeDo basic set comes only with 2 sensors, a "motion" sensor (actually distance sensor) and tilt sensor. No sound sensor. The WeDo Resource Set 9585 also do not come with any sensor at all.

So where does this WeDo sound sensor come from. Actually the computer's mike (microphone) with the software sound input block together can serve as a sound sensor. The program below comprising START block, Display block with microphone input, WAIT block so that the display don't change so fast, and the REPEAT loop

program to demonstrate computer mike as Lego Wedo sound sensor

The video below shows the number on the screen display changing with the sound loudness. Note: the values ranged from 0 to 10:

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