Monday, August 15, 2016

Lesson 54: DANCING ROBOTS! (Part 2: The Move Steering Block)

This is a summary/transcript of Prof. Jennifer's Week 3 - More about EV3 Brick: Dancing Robots Part 2: The Move Steering Block.

The Move Steering block assume your motors are connected to port B and C of the EV3 brick
The first Selector is called the MODE selector.

If you select ON FOR ROTATION (#) then you specify how many rotations the motor should rotate (can be a decimal - move a fraction of 1 rotation)

Mindstorms move steering block on for rotation

If you specify On for Rotation, then you specify on for how many rotation in this area:

Minstorms EV3 Move Steering block On for rotaion

The above shows On for 0.5 rotations means the wheel will rotate half a rotation.

If you specify On for Degree, you must specify how many degrees you want the motor to rotate and it must be a whole number:

Minstorms EV3 Move Steering block On for degrees

The above shows that Steering is set to rotate for 90 degrees which is a quarter of a rotation. (360 degrees is 1 whole rotation)

You may also specify On for seconds. You may specify decimals (fraction of a second) If you specify On for rotations or On for degrees, the motor will rotate the exact number of rotations or degrees. However if you specify On for seconds, the motor will move the exact number of seconds but how many rotations it rotate may depend on the battery level etc.

There are 2 more options ON and OFF which Prof Jennifer will discuss later.

There is also a slider bar for you you adjust to make command the 2 motors to make the robot go straight,

Mindstorms EV3 slider bar set to zero robot go straight

to the left

Mindstorms EV3 slider bar set to left to make robot go left

or to the right.

Mindstorms EV3 slider bar set to right for motors to make robot go right

The second slider is the Power slider, When set to 100, the robot move at full speed. When set to a low level (what is low level depend on your robot setup, heavy or light, or the gearing), the robot stop. When set to negative, the robot reverse.

Mindstorms EV3 move steering block power slider

The last option is BREAK AT END and can be set to TRUE (tick) or FALSE (cross). When set to TRUE, the brake will be applied at the end of the duration or no brake (free to coast [freewheeling]).

Once you learned how to make motor/robot moves you can program robots to do all kind of things, like do a dance.

Get more detailed information from Prof. Jennifer's video at DANCING ROBOTS! (Part 2: The Move Steering Block)

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