Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mindstorms EV3 - writing long programs

Week 4 - Programming your EV3: Part 3: Writing long programs)

This is a transcript of Prof Jennifer's Educational Robotics for Absolute Beginners. Greater details can be obtained from her video: More about the Software (Part 3: Writing long Programs)

Suppose you are creating a long program and is running out of space, one thing you can do is to use the pan tool Mindstorms EV3pan tool and drag the blocks around so you can get more space to add more blocks:

Mindstorms EV3 pan tool to drag blocks around

Drag the blocks to the left so you have more space at the end to add blocks. To stop panning, click the pan tool again.

Another neater way to get more space would be to break to sequence of blocks into 2 blocks, arrange them one above the other and use the sequence wire to connect them. Get out of the pan tool and click on the select tool Mindstorms EV3 select tool.

Click on one of the sequence plug to break the sequence of blocks

Mindstorms EV3 Sequence wire

Then you can use the select tool to bundle the separated sequence of block together and pull them down below the first blocks

Mindstorms EV3 sequence wire connect 2 separated sequences of blocks

However, the arrangement is not neat as the sequence wire runs through the blower blocks of codes. To make it less ugly, you can click the sequence connector (the other end of the sequence plug) to break the connection. Reconnect them by hovering the mouse over the sequence plug till you see a "spool of wire" then drag it down and then to the left till it align slightly in front of the lower sequence connector, pull it down then to the right to connect to the sequence connector and you will have a neater arrangement of a long program.

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