Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mindstorms EV3 Content Editot: How to close

When you are creating or editing a Mindstorms EV3 program, you may see a large blank window at the top right. That is called a CONTENT EDITOR.
The content editor is a very powerful tool which you can use to document (describe) the program so that another person reading your program can understand how it works.
When you are a beginner, your program may be small/short and easy to understand what it does but later when you start writing long program, you will find the CONTENT EDITOR very useful.
It will be also very useful when your program doesn't work as you want it to do and you want to find out what may be wrong and how to correct it.

However there may be times when you find the CONTENT EDITOR troublesome, hiding part of your program so you can't see it and you want to close it.

This is how you close the Content Editor. Move your mouse over to the top right corner of the window and you may see a tool tip that pops up and read CLOSE CONTENT EDITOR. Click it and the Content Editor will close (see screenshot below).

Mindstorms EV3 Content Editor: How to close
Mindstorms EV3: How to close Content Editor

When you need to view the Content Editor you can click the same corner to open it again.

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