Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lesson 73: Part 4: EV3 Downloading, Batteries, Memory, and More)

When your EV3 brick is connected to the computer, the EV3 software will display a window at the bottom right corner of the screenand at the top right of this window will be the word EV3 highlighted in red. This small window which will enable you to do various thing. If the brick is disconnected to the computer, this word EV3 will revert to black color.

Below that red word EV3 are 3 buttons
1st button: download program from computer to EV3 brick
2nd button: download program from computer and execute
3rd button: download programs

IMPORTANT: Avoid using 2nd and 3rd button. Reason, robot may start moving and drag laptop computer off the table

Next to the above column is the brick information window with more buttons/tools where you can get information on:
1. battery level
2. brick name (can change name from default EV3 to, say, your/student name)
3. firmware version
4. Connection type
5. memory browser (when clicked will open another new window, the memory browser

In this browser, you can see a list of projects/files/programs and get information on many kB memory space used up, how much memory left, how many kB each project/program/file, select and delete programs/files etc.

For more details, refer to Prof. Jennigfer's video at (Part 4: EV3 Downloading, Batteries, Memory, and More)

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